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2nd Baltic Earth Conference
The Baltic Sea Region in Transition
Helsingor, Denmark
11 - 15 June 2018



New Baltic Earth Publications

This page summarizes recent peer-reviewed Baltic Earth publications. A „Baltic Earth publication“ shall fulfill at least one of the following criteria:  

1) It describes results of a Baltic Earth project and Baltic Earth is explicitly referred to in the title, abstract, introduction or summary of the publication.

2) The publication contributes to at least one of the current Baltic Earth Grand Challenges, and the authors agree that their publication is listed on the Baltic Earth website. 

Due to copyright issues, an unrestricted access to the full artice is not always possible via this webpage. In most cases, links to digital libraries are given, which may request financial compensation for reading or download of the entire article.

You are also encouraged to visit the BALTEX/Baltic Earth Online Publication Library for a comprehensive overview on BALTEX and Baltic Earth related publications.


Bierstedt, Svenja
Decadal to centennial variability of daily wind over Northern Europe and its application to migrating dunes in the Baltic Sea region
Dissertation at University of Hamburg, Germany


New Books

Schneider B, Müller JD
Biogeochemical Transformations in the Baltic Sea
Springer Oceanography, eBook ISBN: 978-3-319-61699-5, Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-319-61698-8, 110p., 2018

Snoeijs-Leijonmalm P, Schubert H, Radziejewska T (eds)
Biological Oceanography of the Baltic Sea
Springer Netherlands Science+Business Media, eBook ISBN: 978-94-007-0668-2, Hardcover ISBN: 978-94-007-0667-5, 683p.,

Harff J, Furmańczyk K, von Storch H (eds)
Coastline Changes of the Baltic Sea from South to East
Springer Coastal Research Library, Vol. 19 Open Access, ISBN: 978-3-319-49892-8 (Print) 978-3-319-49894-2 (Online) May 2017

Omstedt, A.
Connecting Analytical Thinking and Intuition: And the Nights Abound with Inspiration.
SpringerBriefs in Earth Sciences, April 2016
ISBN 978-3-319-27534-5

The BACC II Author Team
Second Assessment of Climate Change for the Baltic Sea Basin
Springer Regional Climate Studies Open Access, 501 p., May 2015
ISBN 978-3-319-17990-2

Omstedt, A.
Guide to process based modelling of lakes and coastal seas. Second Edition
Springer-Praxis books in Geophysical Sciences, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-17990-2, 2015
ISBN 978-3-319-16005-4 More

Schmidt-Thomé, P., J. Klein (Eds.)
Climate Change Adaptation in Practice - from strategy development to implementation
Wiley Blackwell Book Publication, 327 p., May 2013
ISBN 978-0-470-97700-2 More

Kulinski K, Pempkowiak J, 2012:
Carbon Cycling in the Baltic Sea
Springer Verlag, 130p. ISBN: 978-3-642-19387-3



Deng J, Wu J, Zhang W, Dudzinska-Nowak J, Harff J, 2019:
Characterising the relaxation distance of nearshore submarine morphology: A southern Baltic Sea case study

Geomorphology 327:365-376, February 2019


Meier HEN, Edman M, Eilola K, Placke M, Neumann T, Andersson H, Brunnabend S-E, Dieterich C, Frauen C, Friedland R, Gröger M, Gustafsson B, Gustafsson E, Isaev A, Kniebusch M, Kuznetsov I, Müller-Karulis B, Omstedt A, Ryabchenko V, Saraiva, Savchuk
Assessment of Euthrophication Abatement Scenarios for the Baltic Sea by Multi-Model Ensemble Simulations
Front Mar Sci, https://doi.org/10.3389/fmars.2018.00440, November 2018

Dabuleviciene T, Kozlov IE, Vaiciute D, Dailidiene I, 2018:
Remote Sensing of Coastal Upwelling in the South-Eastern Baltic Sea: Statistical Properties and Implications for the Coastal Environment

Remote Sens 10(11):1752, November 2018

Bieser J., Schrum C., 2018:
Evaluation of the Impact of Air-Sea Exchange on Atmospheric Mercury Concentrations.

In: Mensink C., Kallos G. (eds) Air Pollution Modeling and its Application XXV. ITM 2016. Springer Proceedings in Complexity. Springer

Stanev E, Pein J, Grashorn S, Zhang Y, Schrum C, 2018:
Dynamics of the Baltic Sea Straits via Numerical Simulation of Exchange Flows
Ocean Modelling 131:40-58, November 2018

Börgel F, Frauen C, Neumann T, Schimanke S, Meier HEM, 2018:
Impact of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation on Baltic Sea variability.
Geophysical Research Letter 45, September 2018

Placke M, Meier HEM, Gräwe U, Neumann T, Liu Y, 2018:
Long-term mean circulation of the Baltic Sea as represented by various ocean circulation models.
Front Mar Sci 5:287, September 2018

Hieronymus J, Eilola K, Hieronymus M, Meier HEM, Saraiva S, Karlson B, 2018:
Causes of simulated, longterm changes in chlorophyll concentrations in the Baltic Sea.
Biogeosciences 15:5113-5129, August 2018

Kulinski K, Szymczcha B, Koziorowska K, Hammer K, Schneider B, 2018:
Anomaly of total boron concentration in the brackish waters of the Baltic Sea and its consequence for the CO2 system calculations.
Mar Chem 204:11-19, August 2018

Saraiva S, Meier HEM, Andersson H, Höglund A, Dieterich C, Gröger M, Hordoir R, Eilola K, 2018:
Baltic Sea ecosystem response to various nutrient load scenarios in present and future climates
Clim Dyn (2018). https://doi.org/10.1007/s00382-018-4330-0, July 2018

Meier HEM, Eilola K, Almroth-Rosell E, Schimanke S, Kniebusch M, Höglund A, Pemberton P,  Saraiva S, 2018:
Disentangling the impact of nutrient load and climate changes on Baltic Sea hypoxia and eutrophication since 1850.
Clim Dyn 1-22, June 2018

Bauer B, Meier HEM, Casini M, Hoff A, Margoński P, Orio A, Saraiva S, Stenbeek J, Tomczak MT, 2018:
Reducing eutrophication increases spatial extent of communities supporting commercial fisheries: a model case study. ERRATUM
ICES J Mar Sci 75(3):1155, May 2018

Turner D, Edman M, Gallego-Urrea JA, Claremar B, Hasselhöv I-M, Omstedt A, Rutgersson A
The potential future contribution of shipping to acidification of the Baltic Sea
Ambio 47:368-378, April 2018

Meier HEM, Väli G, Naumann M, Eilola K, Frauen C, 2018:
Recently accelerated oxygen consumption rates amplify deoxygenation in the Baltic Sea.
J Geophys Res 123(5):3227-3240, April 2018

Bauer B, Meier HEM, Casini M, Hoff A, Margoński P, Orio A, Saraiva S, Stenbeek J, Tomczak MT, 2018:
Reducing eutrophication increases spatial extent of communities supporting commercial fisheries: a model case study.
ICES J Mar Sci 75(4):1306-1317, January 2018


1st Baltic Earth Conference, Nida, Lithuania, 13-17 June 2016
Special Issue: Multiple drivers for Earth system changes in the Baltic Sea region.
Editors: Meier M, Rutgersson A, Smith B, Reckermann M, Didenkulova I
Earth Syst Dynam 8, 2017

Bethere L, Sennikovs J, Bethers U:
Climate indices for the Baltic states from principal component analysis.

Bierstedt S, Hünicke B, Zorita E, Ludwig J:
A wind proxy based on migrating dunes at the Baltic coast: statistical analysis of the link between wind conditions and sand movement.

Česnulevičius A, Morkūnaitė R, Bautrėnas A, Bevainis L, Ovodas D:
Intensity of geodynamic processes in the Lithuanian part of the Curonian Spit.

Claremar B, Haglund K, Rutgersson A:
Ship emissions and the use of current air cleaning technology: contributions to air pollution and acidification in the Baltic Sea.

Daewel U, Schrum C:
Low-frequency variability in North Sea and Baltic Sea identified through simulations with the 3-D coupled physical–biogeochemical model ECOSMO.

Dvornikov AY, Martyanov SD, Ryabchenko VA, Eremina TR, Isaev AV, Sein DV:
Assessment of extreme hydrological conditions in the Bothnian Bay, Baltic Sea, and the impact of the nuclear power plant “Hanhikivi-1” on the local thermal regime.

Jaagus J, Sepp M, Tamm T, Järvet A, Mõisja K:
Trends and regime shifts in climatic conditions and river runoff in Estonia during 1951–2015.

Jakobson L, Jakobson E, Post P, Jaagus J:
Atmospheric teleconnections between the Arctic and the eastern Baltic Sea regions.

Jeworrek J, Wu L, Dieterich C, Rutgersson A:
Characteristics of convective snow bands along the Swedish east coast.

Karabil S, Zorita E, Hünicke B:
Contribution of atmospheric circulation to recent off-shore sea-level variations in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea

Karabil S, Zorita E, Hünicke B:
Mechanisms of variability in decadal sea-level trends in the Baltic Sea over the 20th century.

Kudryavtseva N, Soomere T:
Satellite altimetry reveals spatial patterns of variations in the Baltic Sea wave climate.

Kuliński K, Schneider B, Szymczycha B, Stokowski M:
Structure and functioning of the acid-base system in the Baltic Sea.

Myllykangas J-P, Jilbert T, Jakobs G, Rehder G, Werner J, Hietanen S:
Effects of the 2014 major Baltic inflow on methane and nitrous oxide dynamics in the water column of the central Baltic Sea.

Parard G, Rutgersson A, Parampil SR, Charantonis AA:
The Potential of using Remote Sensing data to estimate Air–Sea CO2 exchange in the Baltic Sea.

Rimkus E, Stonevicius E, Kilpys J, Maciulyte V, Valiukas D:
Drought identification in the eastern Baltic region using NDVI.

Schade NH:
Evaluating the atmospheric drivers leading to the December 2014 flood in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Venäläinen A, Laapas M, Pirinen P, Horttanainen M, Hyvönen R, Lehtonen I, Junila P, Hou M, Peltola HM:
Estimation of the high-spatial-resolution variability in extreme wind speeds for forestry applications.


Hammer K, Schneider B, Kuliński K, Schulz-Bull DE, 2017:
Acid-base properties of Baltic Sea dissolved organic matter.
J Mar Syst 173:114-121, September 2017

Meier HEM, Höglund A, Eilola K, Almroth-Rosell E, 2017:
Impact of accelerated future global mean sea level rise on hypoxia in the Baltic Sea
Clim Dynam 49(1-2):163-172, July 2017

Bierstedt S, Hünicke B, Zorita E, Ludwig J 2017:
A wind proxy based on migrating dunes at the Baltic coast: statistical analysis of the link between wind conditions and sand movement
Earth Syst Dynam 8:639-652, July 2017

Myrberg, K., Lips U, Orlova M, 2017:
Towards a healthier Gulf of Finland - results of the International Gulf of Finland Year 2014
J Mar Syst 171:1-3, July 2017

Daewel U, Schrum C, 2017:
Low frequency variability in North Sea and Baltic Sea identified through simulations with the 3-d coupled physical-biogeochemical model ECOSMO
Earth Syst. Dynam. Discuss., doi:10.5194/esd-2017-36

Schrum C, 2017:
Regional Climate Modeling and Air-Sea Coupling
Climate Science, Oxford Research Encyclopedias, DOI: 10.1093/acrefore/9780190228620.013.

Chubarenko I, Stepanova N, 2017:
Microplastics in sea coastal zone: Lessons learned from the Baltic amber
Environmental Pollution 224:243-254, May 2017

Liu Y, Meier HEM, Eilola K, 2017:
Nutrient transports in the Baltic Sea - results from a 30-year physical-biogeochemical reanalysis.
Biogeosciences, 14, 2113-2137, April 2017

Lehmann, A., K. Höflich, P. Post, K. Myrberg, 2017:
Pathways of deep cyclones associated with large volume changes (LVCs) and major Baltic inflows (MBIs)
J Mar Syst 167:11-18, March 2017

Ho-Hagemann HTM, Gröger M, Rockel B, Zahn M, Geyer B, Meier HEM, 2017:
Effects of air-sea coupling over the North Sea and the Baltic Sea on simulated summer precipitation over Central Europe.
Climate Dynamics 48:1-26, March 2017

Bartolino V, Tian H, Bergström U, Jounela P, Aro E, Dieterich C, Meier HEM, Cardinale M, Bland B, Casini M, 2017:
Spatiotemporal dynamics of a fish predator: density-dependent and hydrographic effects on Baltic Sea cod population.
PLOS ONE, February 2017

Ahlgren J, Grimvall A, Omstedt A, Rolff C, Wikner J, 2017:
Temerature, DOC level and basin interactions explain the declining oxygen concentrations in the Bothnian Sea
J Mar Syst 170:22-30, January 2017

Esiukova E., 2017:
Plastic pollution on the Baltic beaches of Kaliningrad region, Russia
Mar Pollut Bull 114(2):1072-1080, January 2017

Zobkov, M., E. Esiukova, 2017:
Microplastics in Baltic bottom sediments: Quantification procedures and first results
Mar Pollut Bull 114(2):724-732, January 2017





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